Confined spaces

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Working in confined spaces is undoubtedly one of our company's key specialisations. For many years, we have been cleaning and servicing tanks, silos, industrial chambers, carrying out technical expertises of the aforementioned facilities and carrying out repair and assembly works. The works performed include sealing, modernisation of silos, tanks and technological lines connected with the above mentioned facilities.

Works in confined spaces are extremely dangerous and demanding in terms of experience, used equipment and personnel performing the work. In our works, we rely on the highest quality of the services we provide while observing all necessary safety rules.

For many years now, we are aware that working in confined spaces poses a number of risks and dangers. By taking part in specialised courses, we have learnt how to implement projects and prepare supervisory staff to carry out works in confined spaces, in such a way that they are planned to the highest possible degree. The current complexity and specificity of the projects allows us to plan, organise and conduct work in confined spaces in a safe and practical manner.

Courses of both Polish and foreign training centres taught us how to effectively use respiratory protective equipment, how to read data from multi-gas detectors and, most importantly, how to behave properly in emergency situations.